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Blackhead Removal | Newport News, VA

 Blackhead Removal Is A Modern Solution for Beautiful Skin. Blackhead removal can help you achieve beautiful, clear skin. This modern solution removes dirt, oil, and dead skin cells that have clogged your pores. Blackhead removal is a quick and easy way to improve your complexion and give your skin a boost of confidence.



What are Blackheads?

Blackheads are small bumps that appear on your skin due to clogged hair follicles. These bumps are called blackheads because the surface looks dark or black. Blackheads are a mild type of acne that usually form on the face, but they can also appear on the following body parts:

  •  Back
  •  Chest
  •  Neck
  •  Shoulders
  •  Arms

What causes blackheads?

Blackheads form when a clog or plug develops in the opening of hair follicles in your skin. Each follicle contains one hair and a sebaceous gland that produces oil. This oil, called sebum, helps keep your skin soft. Dead skin cells and oils collect in the opening to the skin follicle, producing a bump called a comedo. If the skin over the bump stays closed, the bump is called a whitehead. When the skin over the bump opens, exposure to the air causes it to look black and a blackhead forms.

Why blackheads should be treated

 If left untreated, blackheads can lead to more serious forms of acne, such as cysts or nodules. Additionally, blackheads can also cause permanent scarring. Treating blackheads is important not only for maintaining clear skin, but also for preventing long-term damage to your skin. 


Blackhead Removal FAQ's

All skin types are treatable.

Cayenne Beauty Bar and Med Spa offers one of the most affordable treatment options available while using state-of-the-art technology for people of all skin types searching for blackhead removal in Hampton Roads. Exact prices can be discussed during your free consultation to see what is the best treatment personalized for you!

We use the best possible solutions for our blackhead removal treatments to provide the most comfortable experiences possible!

 Even if you find a product that helps you remove blackheads, they’ll keep coming back unless you address the underlying cause. We specialize in giving the very best treatment in order to keep blackheads away for as long as possible. 

No more painful, Blackhead removal!