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Laser Hair Removal | Newport News, VA

Laser hair removal is the modern process to remove unwanted hair across the bodies of men and women. Using laser technology approved by the FDA, people of all ages, body types and skin tones can ditch the tweezers, wax, and razors permanently!


What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

  • Permanent solution for hair removal
  • Treatments are finished typically in 8 sessions
  • FDA approved treatment for hair reduction
  • Eliminates the need for tweezers, razors, and wax
  • Unisex treatment for men and women Helps prevent clogged pores
  • Mitigates oily skin
  • Leaves your skin silky and soft
  • Beach ready year-round
  • No more embarrassing facial hair

Where is laser hair removal most effective?

Laser hair removal works virtually anywhere on your body! Brazilians, bikini lines, and armpits are amongst the most popular areas to treat your body to silky smooth and beautiful skin. Cayenne Beauty Bar offers the latest technology to rid your body of unwanted hair using patented cooling V-IPL.

How does laser hair removal work?

To summarize laser hair removal simply, “Highly concentrated light are emitted from the laser into the hair follicles. The pigment in the follicles absorbs the light and that destroys the hair.” – Vogue

Different parts of the body will have slightly different growth cycles. Most clients can expect to go through 8 treatment cycles. Occasionally, some people will find they need a one time touch up 6 months after the initial hair removal to remove the dormant hairs that were hidden during the initial treatment.


Laser Hair Removal Testimonials

Cayenne has amazing workers and professional service! I go there for IPL laser and I am very satisfied with it. Katya is great and professional at what she does. I also had a facial by Katya and my skin felt really smooth and fresh.

Lela L

Lela L

I was having such issues with my skin and facial hair growth. I had been to two other hair removal places and gone through all the treatment sessions with little relief. I’m darker and the hair growth was leaving dark marks on my face. It was so stressful. When Katya told me she could get rid of the hair and fix my skin I didn’t really have a lot of faith in her, but let me tell you!!!! She is amazing. I’m almost done with my treatments and my skin is great and the hair…. what hair??? Lol. She has a special lens for darker skin that allows us to have great results too!!!

Arika S

Arika S

Laser Hair Removal FAQ's

With Viora’s advanced PCR technology, all skin types can be treated!

Cayenne Beauty Bar and Med Spa offers one of the most affordable treatment options available while using state-of-the-art technology for people of all skin types searching for Laser Hair Removal in Hampton Roads. Exact prices can be discussed during your free consultation to see what is the best treatment personalized for you!

With Viora’s contact cooling system, which provides cooling before, during, and after each pulse, our light technology treatments provide the most comfortable experiences possible!

Laser hair removal is the only permanent hair reduction approved treatment by the FDA. Most clients can expect to have one touch up session approximately 6 months after the initial sessions to laser off hidden hairs.

No more painful, routine hair removal!